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MEMOLUB® HPS Lubricator

The MEMOLUB® HPS (High Pressure System) is a versatile, technologically advanced, self-contained automatic lubricator. Its unique patented design offers capabilities not found in other industrial single-point automatic lubricators currently in use.
The positive displacement pump of the MEMOLUB® HPS ejects lubricant at an impressive 350psi, from the first stroke to the last.  When you turn the MEMOLUB® HPS on, it begins lubricating without delay. The high lubricant ejection pressure opens new areas of applications. The ability to place the MEMOLUB® HPS remotely up to 40 feet (12 meters) from the lubrication point and to lubricate up to 12 lube points with a single lubricator makes the MEMOLUB® HPS one of the most versatile self-contained lubricators available today.
The MEMOLUB® HPS is available in three sizes:                          null

  • STANDARD: Model 120
    Cartridge capacity 120cc, approximately 1/4 pound (113g)
  • MEGA: Model 240 
    Cartridge capacity 240cc, approximately 1/2 pound (227g)            
  • GIGA: Model 480
    Cartridge capacity 480cc, approximately    1 pound (454g)


All MEMOLUB HPS models use the same motor base assembly, making it easy to convert from one model to another with the purchase of a low-cost Housing Adaptor Kit. 

HPS (High Pressure System)
MediaGrease ( to NLGI #2) or Oil
Lubricant Cartridge Capacity 120cc , 240cc, 480cc (Replaceable)
Delivery MethodMetered Quantity
OperationElectro-Mechanical- Positive Displacement Pump
Lubricant Flow Rate52 Adjustable Volume Output Settings (0.63cc / Stroke - standard)
Strokes per day0.5, 1, 1.5, 2, 4, 12, 24
Operating Pressure350psi (25 bar)
Feed TypeSingle-Point or Multi-Point
Temperature Range **5°F to 122°F (-15°C to 50°C)
Power Supply4.5VDC Battery Pack (Replacable)
External On/Off ControlNo
Mounting Thread Size1/4" NPT(M) - (1/8" NPT(M) available)
Multi-Point CompatibleYes
Splitter Block Compatible *Yes
Remote Installation (single-point)Up to 40 feet (12 meters)
* Splitter Blocks cannot be used with oil, and are limited to 7 lubricant output settings.

** Lower temperatures can be achieved by using a lowtemp grease an cold-weather battery packs.



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