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MEMOLUB Automatic Lubricators :: Power Lube Industrial, LLC :: 2-Point Splitter Systems

2-Point Splitter Systems

The 2-Point MEMOLUB® System is especially designed for the economical lubrication of two-bearing shaft systems such as electric motors, pumps, and fans.  The Splitter-MEMO evenly divides the volume of lubricant at each ejection cycle of the MEMOLUB® HPS lubricator.  It transforms a single MEMOLUB® HPS lubricator into an economical two-outlet lubricating system.

 The Splitter-MEMO replaces the brass fitting of the normal MEMO.  The black plastic timing ring holder and three colored timing rings are used with the Splitter-MEMO to program the daily output cycles.  The black plastic timing ring holder is fit onto the Splitter-MEMO in the same manner as the brass fitting of the standard MEMO.  Refer to Output Programming Chart for output rates.

 The 2-Point MEMOLUB® System includes a MEMOLUB® HPS lubricator with Splitter-MEMO and push-in tube fittings installed on a Mounting Bracket.  Tubing and push-in bearing fittings are purchased separately.  Tubing in various lengths, pre-filled with the desired lubricant, is also available to further simplify and speed the installation process.

The 2-Point Splitter system can be used with any of the three sizes of MEMOLUB® HPS lubricators, the Standard Model 120, the Mega Model 240 and the Giga Model 480.  The 2-Point Memolub® Splitter System can be used only with a NLGI #1 or lighter grease. 

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