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Multi-Point Systems


The MEMOLUB® MPS (Multi-Point System) is a precise, reliable, and easy to install system that can lubricate from 2 to 12 lube points with one lubricator.  All of the materials required are available to quickly put your MEMOLUB® HPS lubricator to profitable use in a multi-point application.

The system consists of a MEMOLUB® HPS lubricator, a distribution block which  meters the lubricant from the MEMOLUB® to all lube points, a mounting bracket and all the push-in tube fittings you'll need for your bearings. On each complete cycle of the distribution block, each outlet port ejects .3 ccs of lubricant.  When 2 outlet ports are coupled using either the horizontal or vertical coupler, the output from one port is combined with the second port.  The bearing that is connected to a coupled outlet port will receive .6 ccs per cycle of the distribution block. (Click here for Distribution Block Set-up Guide)

There are two system types available; one for grease applications and one for oil applications.  When ordering, be certain to specify the system appropriate for your application. 



Optional Parts:

Protective Cover:  To protect your MEMOLUB® lubricator in harsher evironments we offer a nylon protective cover.  This cover is sold seperately and is available for all three size lubricators.

Prefilled Nylon Tubing:  Nylon tubing required to complete the installation is sold separately. The standard size tubing is 5/16” OD, but other sizes are available.  Tubing can be purchased two ways; pre-filled in 5 foot increments from 5 to 30 feet, or empty in any length from 1 to 100 feet.

 Click here for technical data sheet

MPS (Multi-Point System)
MediaGrease ( to NLGI #2) or Oil
Lubricant Cartridge Capacity 120cc , 240cc, 480cc (Replaceable)
Delivery MethodMetered Quantity
OperationElectro-Mechanical- Positive Displacement Pump 
feeds a progressive divider block.
Lubricant Flow Rate.3cc per divider block outlet, 
outlets can be cross ported to increase volume output.
Strokes per day0.5, 1, 1.5, 2, 4, 12, 24
Operating Pressure350psi (25 bar)
Feed TypeMulti-Point (from 2 to 12 lube points)
Temperature Range **5°F to 122°F (-15°C to 50°C)
Power SupplyAll MEMOLUB® models are available in Multi-point Systems
External On/Off ControlWhen using the MEMOLUB® EPC, EPS or PLCd lubricators.
Mounting Bracket Included
Remote Installation (Multi-point System)Table based on the following
1. Tubing ID of 1/4" (6mm)
2. Lube point threads no less than 1/8" NPT
3. No inner pressure present in the component
Base-Oil Viscosity @ Working Temp.

Recommended tubing length for MPS System

100 cSt33ft (10m)
700 cSt24ft (7m)
1000 cSt20ft (6m)
1500 cSt18ft (5m)
3000 cSt15ft (5m)
5000 cSt11ft (4m)
9000 cSt7ft (2m)
15000 cSt3ft (1m)
** Lower temperatures can be achieved by using a lowtemp grease an cold-weather battery packs.